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Nanuvo is a company whose primary strengths lie in the novel integration of cosmetics and technology in order to provide cutting edge personal care therapies

Why Nanuvo?


We strive for perfection.


Nanuvo offers a wide range of skin care products that are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients.


Gabrielle founded Nanuvo in 2011 with the dream of having her own product line. As a student and model she noticed that she was very sensitive to the numerous products applied to her skin. She was inspired to create a product that would diminish the need for multiple products. Due to her education and experience in nanotechnology, Gabrielle decided to change the strategic direction of Nanuvo and focus on formulating high quality skin care products.


Knowing how challenging it can be to break into the skin care industry, Nanuvo strives to offer the most competitive services for indie beauty and start-up brands. No matter how big or small your goals, we are here to help you achieve them.


Fill out our Information Request From or Contact us today to get started on building your own private line. 

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