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How to Calculate Unit Price

Step 1: Enter the total volume of product (for example: a 5 gallon bucket has 640 oz)

Step 2: Enter the price of the bulk product (i.e. how much you are paying for the ingredients and labor. If you are making the products yourself enter the total cost of the ingredients)

Step 3: Enter your unit volume (i.e. each bottle is 1 oz)

Step 4: Enter the unit price for primary packaging (i.e. the price you are paying for each bottle)

Step 5: Enter the filling price (i.e. how much it costs to fill each unit. Leave the price at $0 is you are filling the products yourself)

Step 6: Enter the labeling price (i.e. how much it costs to label each unit. You can enter the price of the labels if you are labeling the products yourself). 

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