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Our Botanical B5  + HA Serum  is enriched with a potent fusion of botanical extracts and intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitmai B5. 


🌿 Infused with Cucumber Fruit Extract: Known for its soothing properties, cucumber extract helps calm and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.


🌼 Enhanced with Licorice Extract: Glycyrrhiza Glabra extract assists in brightening your complexion, promoting a radiant and even skin tone.


🌸 Powered by Arnica Flower Extract: Arnica Montana extract, derived from the Arnica flower, contributes to reducing the appearance of inflammation and promoting a healthier-looking complexion.


🍎 Enriched with Apple Fruit Extract: Pyrus Malus extract, obtained from the apple fruit, provides a gentle exfoliation, revealing smoother, more youthful skin underneath.


🍃 Soothing Chamomile Flower Extract: Chamomile Recutita extract helps soothe and comfort your skin, making this serum perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.


💧 Intense Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid: Sodium hyaluronate, a form of hyaluronic acid, acts as a powerful moisture magnet, plumping and hydrating your skin for a supple, dewy appearance.


🌳 Nature's Elixir - Willow Bark Extract: Salix Alba extract, derived from willow bark, offers a natural source of salicylic acid, aiding in gently exfoliating and refining the skin's texture.


💫 Vitamin B5 Boost: Panthenol (Vitamin B5) nurtures your skin's moisture barrier, helping to lock in hydration and enhance overall skin health.


🌿 Crafted with Care: Our serum is thoughtfully formulated without compromising on quality. It is free from harsh additives, and the combination of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate ensures your product remains fresh and effective. 


All of our products are made to order, this allows for the longet possible shelf life for your products. Please allow for 2-4 weeks for production. If you require rush processing, please contact us! 

Botanical B5 + HA Serum

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